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HOW TO MAKE delicious Orange Jelly with chocolate?

Make creative forms of jellies with chocolate orange glaze. Orange jellies will make your day!


You can use a silicon or plastic form or a glass, a mug or any form you can think of and give jelly an astonishing, intriguing shape.
No matter what reason you make orange jelly at home, you can make it surprising, amazing or just even more beautiful.


Create a stunning chocolate coating with an orange note hidden inside.
Melt a few assorted chocolate pralines with natural chocolate.
Add a few teaspoons of orange liqueur of your choice. Curaçao, Cointreau, Grand Marnier would please your taste just fine.
At the end you can add a splash of freshly squeezed orange juice and you need to stir all together thoroughly.


Make your your yummy jelly with orange chunks or slices. Put them inside an let them decorate your lemon jelly dessert.
Dip the orange peel or 1-2 orange slices in the jelly
You can rub the edge of a glass or bowl with a orange peel before serving - you will feel the smell of fresh tin before the first portion of jelly reaches your mouth.